Talenvale is the capital city of the country of Plaight. In theory Plaight is ruled by a king, but the king as been ill for some time, and hasn’t been seen by anyone save the royal doctors and his son for many years. Therefore the prince, Prince Justin, has ruled in his place, with a cadre of advisors from the many guilds and temples.

Plaight is bordered on the north by Caudill, and on the west by Frenshaman. These 3 countries are collectively known to the rest of the world as “the Elder Plains”.

In the Elder Plains, humans are the most abundant race, but most other races are not uncommon. The main exception being the dwarves, who have not been seen outside of their mountain home in Caudill for about 10 years. Still, the metal and ore exports from Caudill have not dwindled, so most feel that the dwarves are doing just fine.

Just this last year, Plaight fought a hard won battle with an army of undead, together with a fallen angel and agent of Orcus. Slowly things are returning to normal. Or, they were, until the Royal anouncement that King Coughlan has succumbed to the disease that has been ravaging his body for many years. Due to the disease, the priests and clerics were not able to raise him, even if his wish had been to do so. A funeral is to be held next week, followed closely by the Coronation of his son, Prince Justin.

Because of the funeral, and forthcoming coronation, Talenvale is packed to bursting. Not a room is left to be found, and most of the stables that do not have horses in them are being used as sleeping quarters for some.

Character limitations:

Newbies: Races and Classes are limited to what can be found in the PH1.

Advanced players: Any Race in any official wizards setting that is publshed (not just in Dungeon or Dragon Magazine, no Thri-Kreen)
Classes are limited to non specific setting classes that are published (not just in Dungeon or Dragon magaizine. No Rangers)


Talenvale: The War of the Fey

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